3 after 3

The top 3 in my opinion for the season based on the scores that I gave are:

3. Hourou Musuko

A really good story of the hard life of pubescent middle schoolers who have gender issues. There’s a lot of drama and angst between the characters and I’m really loving it as I’m chugging along this series with a cup of tea. The animation is very nice too and the art is GORGEOUS. Sakura petals on the first episode, rain on the third episode… really great.

Score so far: 25/30

2. Level E

Hilariously funny in a very dead way. Prince really riles up everyone and makes out a fool of them. The whole 3 episodes was just a prank for his satisfaction. Really awesome guy. Yukitaka also doesn’t back down with the back and forth bickering with the chief and Prince. The humour reminds me of Arakawa under the Bridge with the characters inducing the laughter though Level E is a lot funnier (Not that Arakawa is worse at any means) and I’m having fun with this now. Animation is hilariously good too as they try to have some effects look old (explosion in episode one) because the source of this series is very old. I’d say animation-wise this is very clean cut and smooth and one of the highest quality animation this season.

Score so far: 26/30

Mahou Shoujo Madoka

At first it was the art that was pulling the series with its awesomeness and daringness but after one episode everything picks up and by episode 3… BOOM. Lots of conspiracies from the fans are formed and lots of guessing and speculation are happening right now. Mami’s death brought the series to an extreme high because of how fast it is. This show is definitely not for little children and everything is scarily deep in this series. I’ve watched episode 4 but I’m scoring it next week and I must say this series is getting darker and darker.

Score so far: 27/30


Kmi ni Todoke Season 2-24 pts., Fractale-22 pts., Zombie-24 pts.

High Expectations:

Fractale, Index II-20 pts. (I’ve heard the LN fans say that the next arc would be awesome)


Gosick-19 pts., Beelzebub-20 points, Bakuman- 20 pts.


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