Week 3!

The Awesomeness:

Mahou Shoujo Madoka 3: 10/10

Shit just got real folks. Kyuubey is EEEVIL and Mami is gone. For good. AGGGGGG. THIS IS THE SHOW OF THE SEASON FOLKS.

Level E 3: 9/10

That was just hillarious. Prince really is the awesomest character ever with how far he goes with tricks. And the Diskonians with their baseball. I knew it!

Fractale 3: 9/10

Shit also got real here like Madoka’s episode 3. Priestess getting killed with shotguns, people getting brainwashed, which side is better… so many questions are popping in my mind. The CG Mothership looked really awesome too. A nice surprise with the change of pace.

The Greats:

Kimi ni Todoke S2 2: 9/10

The last scene was awesome.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? 3: 8/10

More intrigue with the new girl showing. The whole episode was hilarious.

Hourou Musuko 3:8/10

I liked how they tackled the whole puberty thing plus the genderbending play will be interesting to look forward too. I like the drama parts just a bit better though but this is refreshing as well.


Gosick 3: 7/10

I really would’ve given it an 8 too but some parts of the mystery were a bit questionable even though it was very simple. There were a bit of holes here and there but the feel of the episode was nice. Victorique is cute too.

Beelzebub 3: 7/10

Same hilarity with the milk and all. Its pretty funny.

Index II 15: 7/10

This arc isn’t particularly interesting but some parts were really hilarious. I’ll put this back to a 9 when Mikoto appears again. Magic side just isn’t my thing.

Bakuman 16: 7/10

Surprise twist in the end with Mashiro seeing Takagi and Kaya kissing. The sequence of events in the last scene are a bit different from the manga and its the first time I’ll ever say to this series that the anime surpassed the manga in THAT scene. THAT SCENE only as the rest of the episode was meh.


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