LAST ORDER :((((((

Quite a heavy episode this time around and its actually good. Poor Accelarator and LO. Their lives are complicated.

The episode raises some questions though:

1. Does the monologue in the beginning have something to do in this arc? I mean will a holy being really enter a person? I’m guessing Hyouka but…?

2. Who is Aleister really?

3. What is the conspiracy of ACADEMY CITY? This one is a question I’ve been having a long time ago (since the first arc of S1)

I do hope Touma also gets beaten up badly because unlike Accelarator which was really sad, I’d completely laugh if he gets all bloodied up. No way am I gonna feel sorry for him and Index.

Verdict: 9.5/10 (Nice new plot. Accel/LO gives depth to the series. No sign of Mikoto though)


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