Railgun Chapter 39

BIRI BIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY YOU SO CUTE?!?!?!


So the Sisters Arc officially ends. Damn that was awesome. We got to see Mikoto’s anguish and hardship, Accelarator in a different aspect, Touma with new respect, Sisters more moe side, ITEM. We got to see another level 5 which was a pleasant surprise. I would say this definitely surpassed the novel’s take on this story. It got a lot deeper and things were thoroughly explained. Though part of the awesome experience reading this is knowing the other story too and how it perfectly coincides with one another. I’d like more Uiharu and SATEN though as they were slowly forgotten throughout the arc. I hope they take part in the plot on the next one which sadly will be in two months.

I know right Saten? Why is she so cute?!!?!? I miss you too though Saten.

PS. How I wish Railgun II will come out this year. I want the Sisters Arc animated!!!!!!!! (fanboy mode)


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