Hourou Mus- Anna-chan.

Bunch of Failures

Are they trolling us? Seriously Anna-chan?

They were fighting for episodes and then… Anna-chan.

I do like Anna-chan though…


4 thoughts on “Hourou Mus- Anna-chan.

    • @Alice
      No spoiler please. I’m trying my best not to read the manga 😀

      I do like Anna though, more so than Takatsuki. Though of course its predictable what’s gonna happen next.

      • Is it? I would love to hear your theories and I promise not to spoil anything!

        (When I said “it all works out” I really mean it in the sense of “things get explained to the point that the sudden relationship makes sense later” and in no way indicate what may or may not happen to the characters. ^_^)

  1. @ Alice

    I just thought since they’re always developing Shuu and Takatsuki that eventually it will be them. Anna isn’t probably a threat at all but it’s interesting how the other characters will reacted with this development. But as a rule in all romances, the best part is getting to the romance itself and this is exactly it.

    As much as I think Chiba is the best character in the show though, I doubt she even has any chance with Shuu. You’d have to be a tomboy so Shuu would like you :D.

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