Madoka 9

So Kyouko’s gone too.

So it turns out Kyuubey’s an alien and the only purpose of mahou shoujos are ENERGY. Wow.

It seems the last part of Mahou Shoujo Madoka would be the Walpurgis thing. It’s really irking me that Madoka might just be the Walpurgis as what Kyouko said “Walpurgis are insanely strong witches”. Maybe we will see that scene in episode 1 again. Its really coming together now and I’m getting very excited.

Verdict: 10/10 (Being a Mahou Shoujo is depressing.)

P.S. There is this post in THAT which surprised me because its either you love Madoka or you don’t watch. I do not like his reasons though.


2 thoughts on “Madoka 9

  1. If I were him, I’ll watch the show till the very end, and only then give out an overall assessment.

    Furthermore, multiple viewings are needed to get the gist of the entire story, for sometimes viewers overlook a few almost-hidden details.

    With an adaptation of some light novel or eroge, one can fairly predict what’s going to happen. But this, because it’s a wholly original production we can never know what’s going to happen next.

    • I get what your saying. To understand Madoka you really do have to watch it a few more times. I mean the plot is very heavy and if you miss a few details, you might not get the whole episode itself.

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