Greatest moment of Kimi ni Todoke

You have to watch it for yourself. Who knew that they would reach the “hug” stage?

Joe… heh.

This episode had so much awesome Sawako full blush moments. I’m definitely getting a higher resolution for some of these.

Verdict: 10/10 (*claps*)

PS. I got caught up with GE. Kurokawa’s getting cuter and cuter.

PSS. Pokemon Black and White is awesome. The pokemons look like digimons though… I think they’re losing originality on the design.


3 thoughts on “Greatest moment of Kimi ni Todoke

  1. @keripikotaku
    I try my best in my screenshots 😀
    Its hard work though.

    Sawako has some of the cutest faces she ever had in this episode and I’m trying to find one perfect as a wallpaper.

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