Madoka 10

The real post. I think I’m posting too much Madoka.

What I expected Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica to be. They even included a “Don’t tell anyone from class” line. If only it was as simple as that.

BADASS MADOKA. Now we realize how hard it is to be a Mahou Shoujo. I lol’d that Mami died again though.

Of course even Madoka couldn’t do it. So Moemura-chan makes a contract with Kyuubey to save her friend. It’s pretty innocent and noble huh?

Then you see this face. Poor Homura being tricked and tricked and tricked.


So this is how Homura’s screwd up life starts. She failed her second attempt, third and fourth. She’s now in her fifth and now you realize why she has to be so cold. The episode shows how the characters would react in different situations. If Mami did realize the truth then she would’ve killed everyone. If Sayaka becomes a Puella Magi, she becomes a witch pretty fast. Kyuubey still remained as someone who always tries to make someone into a Mahou Shoujo. Madoka will always be the last girl standing, whether if she was with Homura or not.

Surprisingly, somehow in each iteration, Madoka becomes more and more powerful. In the 4th Iteration, she just exploded and finished the Walpurgisnacht in a snap. Who knows what will happen now. Its in this episode you realize how hard it is for Homura to keep Kyuubey away from her. These Mahou Shoujos sure have it hard.


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