Madoka no naku koro ni

Homura is the Rika of this show.

Things to point out:

Madoka really started out as a Mahou Shoujo.

Homura wished to go back in time to save Madoka.

If Mami survives, she ends up mindfuck and killing everyone.

Sayaka and Kyouko will die no matter what. Unsavable.

End route is always Madoka dying, whether she stops the Walpurgisnacht or not.

Kyuubey is evil no matter what iteration you put him to.



Homura will end up saving Madoka from her fate but they both die from Walurgisnacht.

Homura will not save Madoka and she turns into a witch again.

Madoka will become a Mahou Shoujo without Kyuubey’s help.

Kyuubey has been planning everything all along to make his entropy wider @_____@.


Moemura’s moemoe glasses and hair.

Homura from the first iteration gradually became colder and colder.

Madoka getting frustrated after the Mami massacre really makes you symphatize because you really feel her anguish with the screwed up situation she got.

Mami, Sayaka and Kyouko are all just pawns so that Madoka realizes the truth.

Kyuubey is consistently evil no matter what iteration. You don’t even realize that he’s evil.


A total image post plus more commentary later.


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