Well finally that ended.

Though the whole arc was awesome in itself, this ending was … weird. Touma started preaching again in an annoying way (though his reasons are good this time) and Index just ignored Accelarator when she saw him getting beat up badly. Or maybe Touma really is just annoying and Index is dumb. Oh well it was still cool.

The number of psychopaths/weird-faced people was just too much for me and the saving fresh faces this episode was Mikoto’s 10-20 second scene and the other new antagonist Acqua. Though I do question why Introduce another villain two episodes away from the ending of the series cough*Season 3*cough? Maybe we could have a sane villain with better reasons this time rather than a bitter onee-chan who blamed amusement parks for her screwed up life.

I do wish that they extended the Accelarator with black wings scene because that was the most intriguing part of this episode. Is he somehow a Level 6 now?

Verdict: 8.5/10 (Weird episode but still good)

Maybe they should’ve spent more time on this.


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