Pokemon Black HALF POINT!

Taking a bit of a break from anime today (Knt hasn’t aired yet because of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan) I’ve decided to talk about something that is preoccupying me for weeks now.

I’ve been taking it slow in Black and so far I’ve just beaten the Gym Leader in Iccarus City.

Somehow I’m liking this more than Diamond/Pearl. Maybe because its feel is more of making a totally new region, even unincluding previous Pokemon, Kinda like Hoenn in a way which also felt exclusive in a good way. Also Team Plasma has actually a good idea, Pokemon Liberation. Its better than the Galactic or Rocket which only purpose was to evil (I like Team Rocket though since there’s a lot of intrigue in the team itself) and their purpose is somehow on par with Team Aqua/Magma. Though it is stuck with the formulatic Pokemon cycle, the game is very refreshing and a lot more than its predecessors on the 4th Generation. Its still nowhere near the top of my list as the best Pokemon Game but its great in its own right.

Ranking of Pokemon Games (Up to 10 only):

1. FR/LG- Sevii Islands is awesome.

2. Emerald- Took the Hoenn region into further heights. Also two evil groups.

3. Gold/Silver: Double  Region is awesome.

4. Yellow-Pika!

5. HG/SS: Double Region HD.

6. BLACK: —


8. Ruby/Saphire: Emerald wouldn’t be so great if I hadn’t play this game 10 times.

9. Diamond/Pearl:Crazy on level ups.

10. Platinum: The only difference is Giratina @___@

Best New Pokemon experienced so far: Archen (KO’d a lot of Pokemon)

Dissapointing New Pokemon experienced so far: Zebstrika and Sisimiage (Goddammit they suck. I have to change my roster because of them.)

Best New Move: Acrobat (Archen) TRY IT FOR YOURSELF.


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