Level E so far…

Honestly in my opinion Level E is pretty good. It started off hilariously funny (the first three episodes) but then it somehow tapered off afterwards. The level of hilarity went down a bit with the Color Rangers arc but it managed to stay that  funny until now. The thing is, if the jokes were as funny as the first three episodes, this series would ascend legendary status even beating the shit out off Fumoffu and School Rumble which is the funniest series ever for me.

I think the reason for this is the lack of Yukitaka. The way he reacts to baka-ouji was undoubtedly the funniest even beating the captain’s reactions. I just thought they would stick to him and that girl from the first few episodes but they kept on switching focus. The Color Rangers was a good replacement but not enough in my opinion. I’d say the series is good at being artistic. They always bring something different to the table. But the thing is , the first thing they served was something I would have loved to eat more and more. That’s kind of how I  feel about Level E right now. Its still one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a while and definitely one of the better shows this season but one thing it failed to do was ascend to legendary status like my number one show this season, Madoka.

It may look like I’m complaining but I do really like this series. I hope Yukitaka comes back though.


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