Uncurrency Anime- RahXephon (Halfpoint)

I’m twelve episodes in and god this series is good. They slowly developed the characters, episode by episode, and up the creepy mystery of Tokyo Jupiter in each. There was that episode in which that reporter guy said Tokyo disappeared in one day. The premise is freaky enough but MISHIMA REIKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! She’s freaky as hell. She appears at the right time to help Ayato and idk… it was never even explained (yet) how Ayato knows her. . .

Mind you RahXephon is almost a decade old series so yeah. Glad I discovered this gem. Produced by Bones, this is apparently on of their first ventures in making an Original Story. The animation is what you’d expect of Bones with a decade old technology and it looks really crisp, even more so that Angelic Layer, their work previous to this.

PS. The OP which Maya Sakamoto sung is scarily addicting.

PSS. Lol I put an Uncurrency Anime sub category. Its for the anime that’s not currently airing. Bad joke even i don’t get it haha.


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