Madoka Gretchen

Madoka is apparently Gretchen from Faust when she turns into a witch. Oh no no no no no. Walpurgisnacht also happens on May 1. I think SHAFT is purposely postponing the series until May 1 so that its COOL.

Well no Madoka Fridays for me (I have to watch it on subs so Friday not Thursday) for a longlonglong time. There is the Madoka wiki which will hurt your eyes reading. THey tried to explain the Witch-Mahou Shoujo-Human food chain and. . . how geeky can people get. There was a cute pyramid triangle in the beginning and then they started putting numbers and graphs. . . I just laughed. Will anyone even read this?

(I’m gonna put another Uncurrency Anime soon and maybe/ just maybe a full review on Pokemon. And Index II if that even aired.)



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