Uncurrency Anime- RahXephon endpoint


Well I finished it in two days and that was unbelievably epic. Lots of twist and turns and its done beautifully with great direction. All the characters were fleshed out, Evil Mama, Mishima Reika/Haruka whatever, Quon, Thos people from the team, the Nicer Gendou Commander, those weird trio D-B-B, and of course Mr. generic male lead who I forgot the name already. Nah I’m just kidding, Ayato is a pretty good male lead. At least he had a backbone unlike… well that other guy from that other epic show.

There were some downs though to this series, like the episodes on the second half of the series. I thought they somehow lost track of what they were doing and Bones was confused and didn’t know what to do but somehow they did know what they were doing and that ending was great. The ending is somehow a mind only ending in a way too, but its actually a nice, unfrustrating part to watch… very romantic too unlike that other epic mecha series. RahXephon knew what it was doing and was done solidly well.

Though if we are comparing it to that other epic mindfuck mecha series with pussy male lead, this is eons better, somehow. This is like what if Bones handled that other epic mecha series? RahXephon is what I consider a great success for a mecha anime. But the only thing that it does not outshine that other mecha series is the characters. Red hair tsundere, white hair kuudere, oneesan-captain and pussy male lead is still a lot more memorable than RahXephon just because they were the firs to do so. I’m not saying RahXephon doesn’t have good characterization because it does so yeah.


Now the missing link between EVA and Madoka is filled. It was this show!




Overall feel:10/10

Verdict:48+18+17+10= 93/100 (I’m thinking about putting it in my Top 20. Seriously this is a GREAT show)

I recommend this for those who thought that other mecha show was horrible. (I don’t think that other mecha show is horrible but I just like this better.)


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