Uncurrency Anime-Kanon 2006 (Halfpoint)

I thought there was some magic voodoo for how they didn’t know each other for eleven freakin episodes.

Well Kanon is certainly quite a surprise for me. After how I thought AIR was horrible, I managed to keep up with this just because I’m wishing its at least as good as 1/8 of CLANNAD or something as CLANNAD is one of the few eroge/game adaptations that I ever liked. Turns out Key is awesome cus this is pretty darn good.

It started pretty slowly though as I died in boredom with the introduction. It is as if Kyon landed in a world full of Mikuru wannabees and there’s no Haruhi to stop him or something. Seriously each girl has their own animal sound like Auuu or Ugyuu or GAHHH. When the Makoto Arc started kicking though, that’s when I thought. . . this is darn good! I was glued to the screen until the end of that arc and it even brought me a few tears along.

The arc I’m currently on is Mai’s arc and so far I’m lovin’ it. There’s also that mystery Misaka sisters (lol reference) and Ayu finally meeting Nayuki. Animation-wise, only when Mai danced in the ball on episode 12 did I realize that Kyoto Animation was doing this. It took a while for me to get used to the art style and animation as they all looked like Mikurus and I couldn’t differentiate one from another. Also the fluidity of the characters movements was a tad bit of a downgrade than Suzumiya Haruhi, their work previous to this. I think its because the animation people know and like now in 2011 is different from half a decade ago. Once I got used to it though, it kicked into my head that this really looks good!

PS. Nayuki’s sleeping face is adorable.


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