Kanon 2002- My eyes hurt

I couldn’t even finish the first episode nor make screencaps of it. Gah that was horrible. I was comparing it to 2006’s first episode and its almost exactly the same. . . escept 2002 had no feeling. It felt like I was watching some crap eroge with overly big eyes with no intention of making the animation good (Mind you RahXephon was also 2002 so no excuse there) and GAHHH Toei you suck. I didn’t know it would be this back.

It actually kicked in my mind on the horribleness on this episode when he met Ayu. I remember in episode one of 2006ver. that he met her in the afternoon with the sun almost going down. There was a bit of symbolism there but in 2002’s version, “NO JUST ADAPT. PUT SOME BADLY ANIMATED FLASHBACK AND JUST MAKE EVERYTHING HORRIBLE.” I’m outraged and offended with this version much as I was with the CLANNAD movie which was made by the same studio.

Also the series isn’t the same without Kyon’s voice around. Though I was a bit surprised that all the female characters are with the same VAs, how long has Yui Horie and Yukari Tamura been around??


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