Level E 12

She doesn’t look like someone who’d have an evil plan… right?

Yay! Yukitaka and Miho are back as main characters! It’s time for the marriage plot and for once Baka-ouji and his men are on the same side. I wonder who’s the eveil guy this time though because all of them look innocent, even the brother and the fiancee. I swear if this is another Ouji prank plot I would kill myself. Though it doesn’t look too far off from that. Considerably, the level of hilarity is rising from last episode to this. Just shows how awesome Yukitaka and Miho are as main characters. If they just inserted these two in the middle episodes then I would have loved this show a lot more (not that I don’t love it now).

Verdict: 9/10 (It’s ending next episode so finger’s crossed for a good conclusive ending.)


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