Uncurrency Anime- Kanon 2006 (Endpoint)


Kanon has become a pleasant surprise for me to watch. It really became an emotional roller coaster going through the end. From Nayuki, to Ayu, to Makoto, to Mai and to Shiori, and also to the other characters, I grew to love them. They all started as Neo Mikuru’s in Kyon’s wonderland but after sitting through 24 episodes of this, each one of them had depth. Kudos to KyoAni for that as they perfectly dolled up and deepen the Key Visual Game into an animated masterpiece.

One thing that bothered me a little is that half the cast went to the hospital/became sick. Its like there’s no other way to be sad. It’s passable though as I was tugged emotionally on each one of them. Minase, Nayuki’s mom, tugged me the most as it’s the one I did not see coming. . . and in such a brutal car crash. It had the same elements with CLANNAD in which there was a lot of supernatural effects happening, but more so here. I do like the idea of lost memories and finding them slowly through each episode being etched into the core of this series. Smehow this series was the adventure of Yuuichi’s memories coming back through each girl.

There’s also this KyoAni trick (which was amplified in CLANNAD) in which the longer you know the character, the more the emotional string gets pulled when the sad parts come. Makoto’s arc was the longest simply because she’s the first and the producers really want to give their first big scene to tug. When Mai’s arc came, since she was already more and more established in the Makoto arc, hers what a bit shorter and did the same effect of tugging my emotional heartstring. Then Shiori’s too. When Ayu’s arc came into play, it was just so natural because of all the flashbacks and small meetings spread throughout the series. Nayuki’s too with her mom intertwining with Ayu’s just made the last part of Kanon better. I’m definitely sure no other production team can handle a Key game where one knows how to envoke emotions properly.

Well as much as I praised it and loved it, here is my rational reasoning through the series:


Pros: Emotional rollercoaster, delicate and masterfully handled by a certain studio, depth of characters

Cons: Loldoctors scene, slow start, neo mikuru designs for the girls(though I got used to it after a while)



Characters: 18/20

Overall Feel: 9/10

Verdict: 95/100 (Well forget about RAHHHHHHHHHHH I’m replacing Luck Star with this on the Top 20)

PS. Lol there was a CLANNAD commercial at the ending of Kanon in what I watched. I wonder how excited people got then?


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