Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (END) 84 points

Farewell Zombie Cast!

I don’t really know how to evaluate this series. First and foremost though, I had a great time watching it. It’s such an ingenious show which plays on stereotypes and bite it against you. I mean for starters, we wanted quiet moe so without further ado we got Eu who doesn’t even talk at all. We get tsundere loli in Haruna’s form and moreoften than not I think the producers are trying to make fun of her. Sharp-tounge paired with big-boobed Sera was a nice addition but the best one of all, which sadly did not get as much screen time was Tomboy-Tsundere Tomonori who completely won me over with her “We’re married afterall antic”. This is the polar opposite of Fractale in which that show had so many interesting, intelligent ideas but failed to execute it properly while Zombie had totally overused mash-upped ideas but executed so amazingly that in ended up being smarter than the former.

On the other hand though, in another point of view, this really is just mindless fanservice with an excuse of a plot somehow (I mean Sera was just included in the plot so they can make her wear a maid outfit and play violin). Thinking back, everything ended so lamely and while I appreciate that the series never took itself seriously, I wish they did when it needed too. The whole point of the last arc was for Eu to kill the former Zombie she made and it turned out to be all a joke with PENGUINS. Maybe its just that last arc because my brain couldn’t take anymore on how inconsistent it was. They try to be funny and then next thing you know its all serious. Maybe its because they had to stop with 12 episodes and made an original ending but still -BAD ARC IS NEVER AN EXCUSE-. Its not as bad as it seems but comparing it from the previous episodes (1-8), it was just a bloody mess.

Production and Aesthetic wise, this series is above average, surprising for a DEEN series. It never looked pretty bad and some parts were ingeniously directed and animated.

All in all though I’m pretty satisfied and its still a solid show, one of the Top Tier this season and I still recommend everyone to watch it (NSFW warning) so yeah.

Rational Rating:

Plot: 42/50

Characters: 18/20

Production: 16/20

Overall Feel: 8/10

Verdict: 84/100 (B-)

*The episode-by-episode rating are only for the series that I blogged (eg. Kimi ni Todoke 2nd season and Index II). An overall Winter Season post will be published after Level E’s done on Monday.

*Uncurrency Anime is now a review column of sorts.


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