Hourou Musuko (END) 88 points

Let’s bid farewell to our gender-confused cast!

For a series full of traps, reverse-traps, gender-confused, gays, lesbians, sensei-fetishes, and trannies, this series won’t appeal to otakus. . . at all. Rather I don’t want them to touch this series because I do not want yaoi, yuri, and hentai doujins to appear with them. I mean you can have so many pairings here. . . I mean you can have the two people on a Yaoi and Yuri doujin at the same time! But this won’t appeal to otaku at all because there is nothing for them to pander on. Its a serious series with serious ambitions to tell the society about gender issues. Heck I would’ve never picked this up if it weren’t for the water color art design which was so unique to this series.

To start off we have Nitori, who is a cross dresser. The whole series revolves around him wanting to go to school in a female uniform. With him is his past girlfriend/crush/complicated past (damn these middle-schoolers) Takatsuki who wants to dress up as a boy. No, they’re not gay. The third wheel(my favorite), Chiba, is completely straight  but she wants Nitori to dress up as a girl. Then there’s Nitori’s best friend who is gay, and others (The genki tomboy, her friend, the one who Nitori hates, the one from their school also, etc.) who’s name I shamefully forgot. Its a pretty complicated cast to write about so I’ll stop there.

As the episode progresses, we see each the main cast go through issues like puberty and how the society would perceive them. Takatsuki got her rep up wearing a male uniform but when Nitori did it. . . This is when you realize how cruel society is, how people really see cross-dressers, those with gender issues. They really do get bullied. Even teachers can’t help it. No adult can because its an internal conflict which the gender-confused person has to deal with. It must be hard for a middle-schooler to be gay or have female tendencies and very much vice versa. I pity this people very much. By the end of the day though, no one can do anything about it and Nitori has to learn to survive society with his hobby.

An issue with this series is the adaptation itself. The story doesn’t have many flaws but because it has to be adapted into eleven episodes, it seems that it was decided to skip the grade school part of the manga and go with middle school. Based from what I’ve heard, they skipped 33 chapters. Now that’s a lot of development gone but since the one’s working on this series (AIC [insert sub group]) is a pretty good group and its airing on a reputable block on TV, noitaminA (This was the second real catch on why I watched this), they did all that they could to adapt this series. Something is better than nothing I guess. It’s just a small complaint from the overflowing ups of this series.

The good part of this series is everything else. The story is good, the characters are interesting (though I might forget a lot of them because they’re too many and were splashed to my face on the first episode), there’s a message this series wants to pass to the readers, there’s a great production to boot, one can’t go wrong watching this series. I’d recommend this to everyone (except dirty otakus) so that they will be educated a little bit on some of society’s issues.

Rational Rating:

Story: 43/50 (Hard to adapt into eleven episodes I guess especially after skipping 33 chapters)

Characters: 17/20 (Beside the main cast, I might forget a bit of them because they’re too many)

Production: 18/20 (They did their best)

Overall Feel: 10/10

Verdict: 88/100 (B+, Recommendable for everyone except dirty otakus)


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