Fractale (END) 70 points



For a series that I was eagerly anticipating this Winter season, this turned out pretty horrible. Not as horrible as other see it to be, but horrible nonetheless. I can see the concept Yamakan wanted to make but they only have eleven episodes to do it so they just. . . Ugh. It never became an adventure I wanted it to be and in almost every aspect (except the concept) this series is horrendus. I guess I was a bit entertained once the  so called adventure kicked in, but its really kicked the gutter by the end of the series. I shamefully laughed at ?that priest ojii-san licking Phryne and that scene in the end where God is apparently a freaky Nessa/Phryne mashup in some distant time. I’m just really disappointed.

What this series has it going for is the idea, I guess. . . the “Fractale System and people fighting for what they believe in kind of niche” theme of this series was pretty interesting albeit executed poorly. Phryne and Nessa being the same person was a good twist I guess (albeit the stinky clone copycat plot really killed me though) and. . . that’s it I guess. I don’t want to be too harsh to this series but I just can’t.

The plot dwindled and crashed by the end of the series. The characters themselves were ruined by the end. Phryne and Nessa became some freaky mash-up while they lived happily ever after in Clain’s shack. By the end of episode eleven, I can honestly say I did not like any of the characters. I was slowly liking them already in the middle episodes but the producers decided to ruin each one of them. Heck going back to the problem itself, why did they make ugly versions of the characters?? The original concept design was so interesting with the purple hair and all. Did they honestly think Nessa with the fugly red (not even the good shade of red) hair would win anybody? Do they think the Ghibili style of animation would win anybody? Gah I’m disappointed.

I was gonna say “at least the production was good” but I’m cancelling that. It was mediocre. The simplistic K-On esque character fluidity only works with Kyoto Animation and it is downright horrible seeing it in Fractale. The CG/3D blimp looked cool but the air battle scenes sucked so horribly, I couldn’t appreciate it. The production is also responsible for the horrible plot because it was so messy and not constructed very well. I DID NOT FEEL THE ADVENTURE. If this series is what will save Anime as Yamakan said, WE ARE DOOMED.

Rational Rating:

Plot: 37/50 (UGHHHHHHH)

Characters: 14/20 (I’m trying to be nice here. . . Phryne had a decent development. . . Nessa’s a good character. . . I guess. . . Pervert jokes were horrible though)

Production: 12/20 (A-1, Ordet and Yamakan. . . I AM DISSAPOINT)

Overall Feel: 7/10 (I liked some parts. . . I guess)

Verdict: 70/100 (C-, I’m being nice here.)


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