To aru Majutsu no Index II (END) 85 points

Screw Index and Touma, Accelarator’s more fun.

3rd season? Knowing JC Staff they probably would.

I have a lot of problems with this series (plot, lack of mikoto, plot, LACK OF MIKOTO DAMMNIT) but overall I really do like it. It has a great premise, a bunch of gold characters (MIKOTO MIKOTO MIKOTO) and good production to boot. My main problem is Touma, Index, the whole Magic Side, stupid technobabble (though definitely less this season), Touma’s speeches (Seriously even in the last episode Touma can’t keep his mouth shut. Does he even know that Skillout leader for him to preach???) that Dahaisesai Arc. . . the list continues. Besides the so many things I do not like about this series, there are also things I love about it. The plot can be interesting at times (Especially the last arc) and Mikoto does appear from time to time, and Accelarator’s pretty cool, and there’s good action and a funny Falcon Punch/lolhospital combo scene by the end of each arc. As much as I bitch about this series, I can’t help but watch it the very first thing in a Saturday morning, every week. That’s a plus I guess.

The series did create one of my most beloved characters which is MIKOTO MISAKA. The Science side is always the side that I like, (THIRD SEASON PLEASE) and based on what I watched these past few episodes, the main plOt is getting better and better. I just had to suffer through Dahaisesai though. In fact if a third season ever happens, I might just put it on top of my anime list. Then again, I do want a RAILGUN II to air first. Please screw Shana already JC Staff.

The series has it ups (Mikoto, Accelarator/LO, last few episodes) and downs (Touma/Index, middle episodes), I must admit I love this series. I definitely like it more than Shana so HEY that’s another plus.  I don’t really know what to say but I guess I’ll miss this series on my Saturday mornings.

Rational Rating:

Plot: 40/50 (dem plots, though the last one was very interesting)

Characters: 19/20 (the shining glory of this series, forget Index and Touma though)

Production: 18/20 (JC Staff gives a lot of budget to this series but sometimes they get lazy (if Dahaisesai wasn’t bad enough, the quality there was just… UGH))

Overall Feel: 8/10 (I still love this series so yeah.)

Verdict: 85/100 (B, I bash it so much yet it still gets a good score. . . WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!?!?)

*Screw episode by episode rating, I’m putting rational rating on each series. . . if anyone even cares.


5 thoughts on “To aru Majutsu no Index II (END) 85 points

  1. You say the Daihaiseisai was a problem but it was the arc which had more Mikoto’s screentime. The Punishment game was just a teasing for any Mikoto fan, and it worked then she was send to the oblivion as usual.
    As others says, Mikoto isn’t a protagonist in Index, popular? yes, main? no-no. Also, she has her own series and despite the lack of material to complete 24 episodes for a second season, the current number of manga chapters is enough to get a 12 episodes season but one have to fear the infamous ‘canon fillers’ who caused many annoying discussions that season.

    The last arc was interesting and entertaining but it was mainly magic side, why complain?
    I think I have the answer:
    The set up.
    The arcs usually are showing us a menace that can end with Science Side and explain to us ‘what can happen if’ situations but all are stopped by Touma and co.
    The situations in the story changes when the RCC personal living weapons appear to act on their own, God’s Right Seat.
    Now that the began their moves there is no more ‘set up’ situations anymore but ‘step in the chaos’ situations.

  2. Can’t I complain because of lack of my favorite character’s screentime? Yes I’ve already been been butthurt this season with everyone saying “nooo Mikoto’s not gonna have more screen time. Just watch Railgun” but see what I actually want more of is the interaction between Mikoto and Touma since I already got my dose of Mikoto overload in Railgun.

    And for Dahaisesai, even Mikoto couldn’t save that 6 episodes full of running around. I did like the first 2 episodes of it if I could remember but then. . .

    For the last arc I didn’t complain anymore anyway. And besides I was more engrossed to Accelarator vs. Kihara than Touma vs. Vento. Not that I don’t like Vento but I don’t like her reasoning of hating Science because it killed her brother. I thought it would be more. . . concrete or something.

    It’s just my opinion about it though :D.

  3. I liked Railgun more than Index. For me, the problem Index had was that it had too many characters but it didn’t know what to do with them. That is, they weren’t used to their full potential or their involvement to the series were just minimal. Like, whatever happened to Kanzaki Kaori? And Index, who’s supposed to be the protagonist along with Touma, always misses out on everything.

    Also, action-wise, I think Railgun’s more packed. True, all the spells are engaging and all. The factions are interesting what with their demented interests. But I guess what got me looking for more is that Touma only had his Imagine Breaker. Nothing more. He wins battles mostly by luck.

    I would’ve preferred it more if Railgun got the second-season, even if it’s just a spin-off. Although, Railgun in itself already had a solid closure. Index is not that bad. I think there are just too many holes here and there.

    • The heavy delusions of a probably would be second season HARHAR. People who like Index II more than Railgun are blind. And deaf and many more.

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