Bakuman (END) 69 points

Why is it that after sitting through horrible 25 episodes, you give me this teaser? Now I have to watch the second season for OTTER 11.

Well that was a great finish for this horrible adaptation of one of my most beloved manga. The last episode gave me that intense buildup to the FFFFFFYEEAAAH success that I have been missing for 25 episodes. I hate to say it, but now I have to watch the 2nd season. I mean Hiramaru’s probably my favorite character in the whole series and the antics he does with his editor are probably the scenes I enjoyed the most too. THen again, I can see them fucking this up even more soooo. . .

Now to the bad parts. . . Let me just first say that GODDDAMN THIS ADAPTATION IS HORRIBLE. The gay’d down the story, they gave  it horrible QUALITY animation, my ears still hurt going through the OP, they glaringly fuck’d up the romance, the females turned stupid, etc etc. For starters the story. They took out all the pump and GAR from the manga thinking people would like this more slice-of-life but it ended up being bogged down and turn boring. The rush, the intensity of certain chapters, its all gone here except the last episode. I think the director wanted to turn Bakuman into a romance series but that just doesn’t work because romance was pretty much forgotten after a few chapters. Yes there’s still bits of romance here and there but see that’s not Bakuman’s appeal. It’s the GARness and intensity. It’s the making the manga which is great. Gah I’m dissapoint. There’s still a good story somewhere there but it really gets bogged down with the horriBAD romance.

Going to the romance aspect. . . GAHHH IT’S HORRIBLE. The manga’s romance part wasn’t that great anyway but they just gave hordes and hordes of time for it in the anime. The females now turn crappy and generic. Take Kaya for example. I thought she was cool in the manga but here she’s just. . . aren’t girls offended with how women are portrayed here? All Kaya ever talked about is for her boyfriend to be happy. She even admits she has a smaller dream compared to theirs. She admits she’s inferior too. Don’t get me started with Miho please. . .

Also note that the animation is horrible. The intensity is even more lost with the animation. Again they tried to make it feel more slice-of-life but THAT JUST DOESN’T WORK. The music is fine with some good background music here and there but the OP. . . MY EARS STILL HURT.

The good part of the series is the making manga aspect but again, DAMN YOU ROMANCE. I’m still watching the second season but I’m not getting my hopes up at all.

Rational Rating:

Story: 38/50 (There’s a good story there if you ignore all the romance but that’s hard.)

Characters: 14/20 (The mangakas and the editors were the only good characters. I can’t believe I hate the tandem in the anime.)

Production: 10/20 (The worst this season.)

Overall Feel: 7/10 (I am watching the second season after all.)

Verdict: 69/100 (D+, just go read the manga folks. . . nothing to see here.)


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