STAR DRIVER (END) 89 points

Can’t kill off our bishounens can we? Dem fujioshis will start a war if you do.

That was a very interesting way to end the series. I loved how it finally went all GAR with the cool robots and flash-flashy explosions. The story ended neatly with Takuto saving Sugata after Sugata decided to be heroic and seal Samekh. A very GAR way to end the series with bromance. The Glittering Crux even offered a Color Rangers esque action scene with the kira-kira colors. Takuto-papa was punched again this episode (w00t) and “Monochrome” was playing throughout the episode. Gahd that was a fabulous/GAR ending.

The thing that I did not like though is Wako still not able to choose. They really played the “I can’t choose between you two” aspect huh? I am rooting for Takuto/Wako since Takuto really looks like the underdog (though dem fukioshis have their eyes already for Takuto and Sugata paring) and I love rooting for the underdog. It’s just a simple complaint from the otherwise completely awesome end.

Overall this series is something to recommend to everyone. There’s mecha for guys (mileage may vary though since those robots are fabulous) and bishounen for women (mileage may vary because Sugata and Takuto do not end up together) and the story is always engaging with the “robot of the week” plot. I can see non-anime fans getting into this. Adding the awesome production by BONES, you have yourself a seller!

Rational Rating:

Plot: 45/50 (You might get turned off to the robot of the week thing but it ends up being engaging after a few episodes)

Characters: 17/20 (Great, wonderful cast. Kanako’s my favorite.)

Production: 18/20 (Good job BONES)

Overall feel: 9/10 (Everyone should watch this.)

Verdict: 89/100 (B+, Nice mecha anime that’s not just for mecha fans; nice bishounen anime that’s not just for girls)


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