Well I had to stop the posts about the other new series when I watched A-channel. I wasn’t even planning one to begin with since I didn’t have high expectations for it. When I watched it though, it made me realize how low moe has gone. Personally, I have nothing against moe as I practically enjoyed series like Ichigo Mashimaro, Saki or K-On (I got tired a bit of this one in Season 2). I even have Lucky Star in my Top favorites. I loved the first episode of Nichijou so I thought maybe A-channel will be pretty good. Then. . . it was HORRID. The characters are completely rehashed, the plot is like an unpolished K-On without the music, and it made me feel like I’m supposed to care about the drama which I did not. I think they were trying to set a gag where in Neo-Nagato will ward off the men from her beloved senpai or the breast-snag thing but it just doesn’t work for me. Heck I got tired of it the second time. There’s also that Neo-Mio which is an archetype I usually like but its not the case here because I just screamed, “COPY CAT” out loud. THE WHOLE PREMISE OF THE SHOW IS COPYCAT EVEN FOR MOE STANDARDS! Moe still has a bit of a prestige you know. You can’t just make anything and then make it look like it’s a good slice of life moe which people will defend. I’M NOT DEFENDING THIS ONE.

I got a bit offtrack with my current hatred for the first episode of A-channel but that wasn’t my point really. It’s the people who watched it. It seems that it’s getting a good reviews from different people. SOME PEOPLE ARE EVEN COMPARING IT TO NICHIJOU! It reminded me of those days when I defended K-ON. About two years ago when K-ON aired, it was getting a lot of hatred after a few episodes have gone by. Well I of course noticed it because I haven’t been laughing as much anymore as it progressed but I still liked it enough to defend it. I saw comments on forums saying that K-ON is boring as hell and I defended it, to the point of even saying these people have no sense of humor. No heart. This time around though, I feel weird I’m on the other side of the war. I’m the enemy. I’m the one who says A-Channel is boring. I’m already seeing people defending it and by the end of the season, it would probably have a huge fanbase. I can foresee that neo-nagato being on a daikamura by the end of the season and I’m not liking it.

I got offtrack again by my A-channel hatred. My point is that maybe people outgrow moe. Maybe if this aired a few years back when I wasn’t a dirty elitist yet, I would have love this? Would I have been on the other side of the war protecting A-channel from haters (that gave me chills)? Now I see the point of the haters. Now I see that they have a POINT. I’m really confused right now if I’m being harsh or not or I’m getting older and I’m starting to hate moe and that’s really weird. I never thought I’ve come to a point where I would hate a moe series.






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