Yumekui Merry (END) 76 points

A very late post for this one because my head was still fucked up with THAT end.


I remember saying in the beginning of the season on how boring this one. It felt like a rehash of the oh-so-many LNs JC Staff has adapt. It did turn out to be the case but it wasn’t boring at all. The story was engaging with the daydreams, Merry wanting to go back to the dream world, and even the Isana arc in the last few episodes. The series really got to me once the episodics started because it reminded me of STAR DRIVER. Also those dream sequences were just gorgeous. Another plus to this series is its gorgeous art too. It has a watercolor effect but not the crappy ones like in Kaichou wa Maid Sama. It’s very detailed and it goes with the feel of the series. I have to say it again, THIS SERIES IS GORGEOUS. The directing too is great. Obviously they know they’re in a tight budget with Index II and Bakuman still airing, so they made use of awesome face angles. The way everything keeps tilting with the different angles makes this series unique and still good looking with the animation. The action scenes can get pretty crappy though but it still doesn’t interfere with the whole experience because of the aesome art.

Now that’s all the pluses. The minuses outweigh the pluses a bit. The story again is not very original. You can compare the many similarities of this series to other JC Staff LN adaptations. Also the series came crashing down by the end. Are we meant to forget Heracles, Merry’s story, John Doe and all those things that make the series good so that it can make a crappy ending. It dawned to me how this series didn’t know how to end by Episode 11 which Mistleteann let all the characters go because she wants to. GAHH THAT WAS JUST. . .  I’d say the director is at blame for this. He didn’t know how to end this series. He was going on a 26-episode pace and just realized by the last end of the series that “OOPS IT’S ONLY THIRTEEN EPISODES. LET’S MAKE A CRAPPY ENDING”. I dont even want to bring up THAT ending. It was just goddamn horrible. I really feel that JC Staff should have made this into 26 episodes because not only will it make a lasting impression but also it would make way for them to make a better ending. But NO JC Staff only cares about a new franchise with a new character, a new fetish for navels, and a craving for donuts for them to make bajillions of money which I doubt they will because of how crappy this series got. This series has a lot of potential but it was just all wasted. I don’t like wasted potential.

Rational Rating:

Story: 18/30 (Great start, bad end. Lots of wasted potential.)

Characters: 26/30 (Great set of characters. Yumeji is GAR and Merry is as cute as her navel.)

Production: 27/30 (The biggest plus of this series.)

Overall Feel: 5/10 (Would’ve probably dropped it if I wasn’t a completionist. Takes a long time to get used to but once you get used to it, it just disappoints you with a bad ending)

Verdict: 76/100 (C, I’ll recommend it for the art and the characters.)

*I changed the format a bit because the biggest draw of this series is really the art and the character. This would’ve failed miserably like Bakuman and Fractale if I gave too much emphasis on the story.


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