Anohana 1

MENMA, DON’T CRY! ;____;

Why am I such a sucker for shows involving dead people? I have CLANNAD, Cross Game and Kanon on my list of favorite anime all time and GAH. This reminds me so much of Cross Game. It just pins the needle when people mention the dead. Those cries people try to hold back makes me, the viewer, sympathize so much. Yes, I think the first episode of Anohana is awesome. It gave me goosebumbs, more so than Denpa Onna, because of it’s potential for Legendary.

So now I have four shows on the list I’m predicting to become legendary. Last season it was Madoka (which will probably go deep in my top anime all time). This season there’s Denpa Onna, Nicijou, HanaIro and this. I haven’t even watched C yet so GAHHH. This season is fully-packed.


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