Denpa Onna

Have I mention how much I love SHAFT?

Dammnit this show is giving me goosebumps. Although I can see this going through the “dump this LN Adaptation #hax00rzzz to the pile” way, this might just go legendary like Bakemonogatari. One thing that it has above the other haxoorzzth LN is that it’s very well written. It’s dialogue is very witty (like Bakemonogatari though not at THAT level) and I definitely enjoyed this first episode. Also, Denpa Onna is jailbait.

*Note that this is SHAFT’s second Light Novel Adaptation. The first was Bakemonogatari. I’m a Bakefag so I’m expecting a lot from this.


2 thoughts on “Denpa Onna

  1. Are you just watch it recently? Beware of episode 5. Make sure there is people around you, in case you’ll get a heart attack. They will help you for calling ambulance;).

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