Hidan no Aria

AHAHAHAHAHA- Stop making me laugh Rie- AHAHAHAHA

I’m definitely gonna watch Aria. Yes it’s destroying the credibility of JC Staff LN adaptations 10 times faster than Yumekui Merry but dammnit this is too damn funny. I mean seriously “Be my slave!”??? It’s like JC Staff wanted to insult all their shows with this one. Let’s see. . . Toradora(I’m just proving a point, I love Toradora), Hayate, ZnT, even Shana to an extent used that line. HEY WHAT’S COMMON WITH THOSE FOUR? HMMMMMM….

I just kept laughing when Aria started barraging into Male Lead’s room and started acting all Typical Rie lead. JC STAFF IS NOT TRYING ANYMORE. Oh yeah, there was that girl who makes bentou scene which just screams ORIGINAL. I think I’m gonna love this series for all the wrong reasons.

PS. The only thing different about this show is that Male Lead is cool. He looks too similar to Ayumu (Zombie) though.

PSS. A-channel is destroying its genre faster than this one is with its genre though.


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