Recommendations for the Spring Season

The 7 players of Spring

Well here’s a rundown of the list I’ve been watching these past month and It’s a lot. I think everyone is noticing on how awesome this season is. A lot of series I’m watching right now have too much potential and it’s hard to nitpick my favorite. So here it goes:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (Those that performed well above expectations. Those that surprised you on how good it is. QUALITY SERIES of the season.)

1) Nichijou – Highly entertaining series. This series is like a comedy sketch using different characters. There’s already a pattern in each episode that I’m loving. The animation is spectacular too.

2) Anohana (That long name series) – Has a great potential to be this season’s winner (at least for me). It has something that I feel like I’ve been missing for quite a while.

3) Ao no Exorcist – Crazy potential for a shonen series. Very intriguing, high production values, you can’t go wrong with this one.

4) Hanasaku Iroha – The slice of life this season. The difference though of this from other SoLs is that it has quality writing. Prettiest series this season too.

5) Deadman in Wonderland – YESSS WE HAVE A HORROR SERIES THIS SEASON. It has an interesting set-up too. The white girl is creepy though, especially when Zawazawa’s using her cute voice. Like Ao no Exorcist, it has great potential too.

6) [C] – Pokemon Battles.

7) Denpa Onna – Erio is jailbait. It has witty dialogue and very interesting characters. Adding SHAFT visuals, we have a winner.

RECOMMENDED (A must watch too. It performed as what you expected it too and has a bit of potential.)

1) Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san – A highly entertaining Lolgag series. I like the use of the 12-minute format so that nothing drags out. Satou Rina-voiced female lead makes it a winner.

2) Hen Zemi – A bit disgusting but highly worth it.

3) Hidan no Aria – It’s so bad it’s good.

4) Maria + Holic Alive – SHAFT sequel after all. Set your expectations accordingly because it’s a SHAFT sequel.  I’m still a bit sad with what they did with Arakawa’s sequel so I’m a bit wary with this one.

5) Tiger and Bunny – It’s a great series but the CG is a bit distracting.

6) Steins; Gate – I didn’t see it was from the same people who mad Chaos Head. I’m still a bit disappointed with Chaos Head so I think I’ll just marathon this one after a few weeks. So far though it’s pretty good but then so was Chaos Head in it’s first few episodes.

7) SKET DANCE – Get through the BGM and the noise, you might actually find yourself laughing a bit.

MEH (Series I’ll just mention because I watch them):

1) A- Channel- Apparently forgetting your socks and panties to school is funny. I wrote a very passionate post about this one.

2) 30 Year old virgins – Lol censorship. Why even animate this if everything is blocked by a bunch of scribbles?

3) Ore-Tachi wa Tsubasa wa nai – NO JUST NO.

4) Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – I didn’t like Akasaka’s ending and I thought it was a bit mediocre. Don’t watch this one. It has a shota though. . .

5) Toriko – GEH

With seven series running for the top, this season is truly marvelous. Last Winter Season was a blast, Madoka and all, so I’m expecting great things this season. 2011 is a great year for me.

Last note: I’m still thinking which series to blog because 7 is. . . a bit too much. I’ll get into it a bit later though I guess. For now I’ll just sit back, relax, and watch my animu.


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