Crazy Woman and Normal Boy – 02

Denpa Onna really is well . . . denpa.

The whole episode itself was introducing different characters but the revelation that Erio was lost for six months and started believing in aliens really took this series into another level. The fact that she even flew over a bridge only to fall really shook me. There’s a lot of secrets being hidden and the fact that Meme was talking about it in such a factual way with no feelings is creeping me out more. I’m just hoping this series takes a serious turn somewhere because it’s pretty good when it does.

My interest in this series is going higher. The fact that even with all the craziness of this series, it’s reality bound. We now know that Erio really is just a lunatic with amnesia and if this series delves more into that, I don’t know how awesome this series will get. This episode won me over so if you look to the right, there’s a category for it.


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