Nichijou most dissapointing anime of the season according to 2000 surveyers

Link here (It’s Sanaku though so NSFW)

Japan sucks. JUST BECAUSE NICHIJOU ISN’T AS MOE AS K-ON AND IS ACTUALLY FUNNY- DAMN YOU OTAKUS. I mean seriously out of the plethora of series this season why pick this as most disappointing? Maybe because Yuuko or Mio is to weird or unsexy to be fapped upon? Ugh Japan I am disappoint.

I know it’s just a survey and all but as I think Nichijou is on top of my list for this season, I just had to say my sentiments on this list.

I am afraid though that this might not earn that much money on blurays and dvds as otakus are not all over this.


8 thoughts on “Nichijou most dissapointing anime of the season according to 2000 surveyers

  1. I don’t think it has to do with moe/sex appeal at all. The show just has no substance. It looks very nice, but all the wonderful animation means nothing if the show itself is too random for most people’s tastes and most of its jokes fail to make people laugh.

    I don’t really agree with that list, as I like almost all shows on that list, though I do agree that Nichijou is not living up to its massive expectations and deserves that #1 spot.

  2. @ set
    Awww well I do respect your opinion. Comedy is either a hit or miss for people and everyone have different types of humor. This series works perfectly for me because I like its randomness and find myself laughing all the time.
    You know the feeling when the animu you like gets bashed? Yup that’s the feeling I got when seeing this survey.

  3. I’m with you there, so far this is the best show for me this season. Somehow, I even prefer the anime version more than the manga.
    Btw, after I went to to see that survey, it’s kinda weird that the show that leading the poll for the most disappointing anime is currently at number 6 for the most satisfying anime at the very same site ( And if you exclude Madoka which is technically last season show, Nichijou is actually at the top 5 for this season).

  4. I like wacky anime comedy, but Nichijou just doesn’t do it for me. The appealing colour pallet and character designs are nice, but the humour too many of the jokes spread themselves out too long. Like you said, comedy is hit and miss for people. The general opinion consensus among the people I’ve talk to share my opinions. So maybe most people in Japan just didn’t get into the humour the way you did. I mean if there is research to back up the claim than the Japanese viewers disliked it for lack of moe appeal, that would be one thing. But it is kind of presumptuous to yell at them when a whole lot of people legitimately dislike the show. For me it is a disappointing series because the production values are nice and it has some really clever moments, but just doesn’t quite hit the mark. I am enjoying it enough to keep watching it though, and can appreciate enough of it to be interested.

  5. @bakatanuki
    But knowing those who voted there, it’s definitely about the MOE. Besides there was a second poll on the same site there which states the most favorite series and Nichijou ranked also high. No offense but the general opinion consensus among the people I’ve talk to share the same opinion that they think this series is funny. Though I do know people who do not like this series as well like you. I still think the comedy in this series would either hit the people hard or miss them hard. It hit me hard so I consider this a good gag series.
    I respect your opinion though and comedy really is a hit or miss for people. You can’t please everyone when it comes to comedy.

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