Ano Hana – 03 – The Life of Yuki-chan

After the dress sniffing last episode, what is Yuki-chan up to now?

This Yukiatsu guy. . . I know him. He is definitely a friend of mine. He’s one of those friends who have a shell of being cold and acting cool but there’s something wrong inside. He’s one of those guys who will actually fall into petty issues if it seems big or okay to delve into. I mean just look a t him, pretending to see Menma. At the first episode we see him pitying Jintan for still caring about this Menma girl then an opportunity came which allowed him to reveal a little bit of his creepiness, thus the fake revelation that HE saw Menma. No offense I love this Yukiatsu guy. He might just be my favorite character. I appreciate his efforts on putting a fake exterior and this fakeness that’s hard to crack.


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