Moshidora – 08


I’ve been actually watching this episode per episode since last week. It really turned into something else. Now I know why this became an instant novel hit. It really is inspiring. PLEASE LET THEM GO TO KOSHIEN ALREADY AND DO NOT KILL YUKI. Although that’s almost redundant seeing the ending of this episode. Please let a miracle happen.

Actually I’m noting on how the story of this series are great. Aesthetics wise, not that very impressive. In the end though, isn’t it the story that’s important?


2 thoughts on “Moshidora – 08

  1. The story *is* great. Way more than I was expecting going in. I actually like the aesthetics, though. There have been amazing shows that Moshidora can not touch, of course (like HanaSaku Iroha, this season), but I have seem MUCH worse. Anyways, as you said, the story really works here. I’m very glad I watched it.

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