Kuroneko: The next Mikoto Misaka

Fan favorite of the popular Ore no Imouto novels, Kuroneko, recently got her own manga. Fans raged in the eighth volume of Ore no Imouto though to the point of tearing up the novel because apparently Kuroneko got dumped or something. Sankaku Link here and NSFW by the way.

Well Kuroneko, while my second favorite to Manami in Ore no Imouto, apparently is going the Mikoto root. Their abusing the fans! By volume 12 of To aru Majutsu no Index, Mikoto got her biggest and best screen time seen in the novels and at the same time that volume was released, Railgun manga appeared. Fans of Mikoto must have been rejoicing as hell then until they realized for the next 10 volumes, she’d be copped down as a side character. Well I got this all from reading the AS thread of Index which are full of Index-heavy fans.

Watching the Anime of Ore no Imouto, the bonus episodes obviously showed an increase of Kuroneko. It’s basically her series already. Again, fans were fooled as she even got her own manga. It was just a cop out so they could eradicate her from the novels because well, the author doesn’t see any use for her and the main herione is Kirino after all. EXACT SAME THING WITH INDEX because apparently Mikoto isn’t any useful to the plot anymore so might as well throw her into the side and pretend to care about her by giving her a spinoff manga.

BUT WAIT, why the hell have I been raging. I could care less about To aru Majutsu no Index because I never read the novels; I only watched the anime. Railgun manga is absolutely one of my favorite mangas and the anime is on my recommended titles list. Kuroneko manga might just go through the same root and if it produces an anime, it might just exceed the whole Ore no Imouto novels (which I have not read).

So why the hell did I make this post. BECAUSE I WANT A MANAMI SPIN-OFF. not that I’d hate Kuroneko’s because she’s my second favorite character and I’d bet her manga will be tons of fun.

PS. Actually I think they should rename To aru Majutsu no Index to To aru Majutsu no Touma because Index fans have it even worse with her NEVER having any screen time (from the anime itself).


2 thoughts on “Kuroneko: The next Mikoto Misaka

  1. Kuroneko is my absolute favorite character in the series. I love it how she looks like Suiginto and her love for cats. She’s so adorable~ *squee*

    I absolutely agree with the changing To Aru Majutsu’s title part. Haha. It actually made me laugh. Index only appears at the end of every episode to bit Touma in the head. That’s the sole purpose of her existence. Hahaha. And to think that John’s Pen mode is so powerful. She possessed a lot of potential for awesome battle scenes. >.<

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