Hanasaku Iroha VS Anohana – The official Rivalry post

Two Masterpieces. You choose.

Well obviously people have pitted these two together even before both of them aired (Obviously though they’re different shows but pitting them together is fun). They both promise something great for the Slice-of-Life/Drama department. Both arebeing made by highly acclaimed studios. Hanasaku Iroha was hyped on the premise that this is the 10th anniversary project of PA Works. Anohana was hyped on the premise that this will be an original work directed by the staff of Toradora. Iroha has 26 episodes for development while Anohana has to live up to the “Everything in Noitamina block is amazing” which Fractale failed to do so last season.

Now after 6 episodes of Iroha and 4 of Anohana, how is this rivalry going?

Hansaku Iroha:

GODLY writing for the first two episodes. + 10

Started going for the more lighthearted root afterwards (I don’t hate this decision) +- 0

Slowly Developing each character in each episode (Reminiscent of Railgun which I thoroughly love) + 5

Bitchy female supporting character + 2

Ohana Goodness +3

Fanservice – 2 (Admittedly they do do it very seamlessly. The fanservice fits the situation)

Morning Korean drama copycat +7

Production Values +5

Overall: 30 POINTS


Long Name +3

Saves Noitamina from dying +5

Made me cry on the first episode +3

Friends theme is very imminent (Like in Railgun which I thoroughly love) + 5

Bitchy Closet Crossdresser who is my favorite character this season + 10

Nokemon Battles + 6

Fanservice – 1 (That out of place one from episode 2, but hey why do I care so much?)

Overall: 31 POINTS

Well all in all, I LOVE BOTH OF THIS SERIES. Well I’m a bit biased and I do like Anohana a bit more but for the most part, we still don’t know yet. Anohana has the 11-episode curse while HanaIro is getting 26 episodes so HanaIro might take over after more episodes. The lead of Anohana isn’t even that big and both series are great so HELL JUST ENJOY BOTH OF IT. We rarely get this treat so might as well suck both of them up.


I’m a Railgunfag

I think Nichijou is the best series this season so I’m a Nichijoufag

The real reason I like Anohana more is because of Yuki-chan.

I’m also a Yuki-chanfag


4 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha VS Anohana – The official Rivalry post

  1. Ha ha, your scoring system seems rather subjective. I would agree with you that (at this point) Ano Hana is the stronger show. I am quite disappointed that HanaSaku Iroha didn’t keep going in the same direction as those first two episodes; I probably would have given points off for that decision. On the other hand, while Ano Hana seems to be delivering a more substantial plot, it has only half the episodes to do so. HanaSaku Iroha might be able to deliver just as strong a story in the end, since it has so many episodes in which to do it. I also have to admit that HanaSaku Iroha is about as well animated as any show I have ever seen. It will be interesting to see how this rivalry works out.

  2. @Joojoobees
    Lol don’t take the scoring system too seriously.

    The thing with Anohana is, while stronger right now, is that it only has 11 episodes. It’s the curse of these Noitamina shows that prevents them from going down the line of being very memorable. I just hope it can have an ending, so conclusive, I’d forgive it for being only 11-episode. Stuff like Moshidora and Madoka did this conclusive ending thing so perfectly. I just hope Anohana can do the same.

    HanaIro on the other hand is something I have no worries about. It will definitely bounce back and standalone/character development episodes only helps it even more. A show like this doesn’t have to be outright amazing to start with. It something that develops over time, and with 26 episodes, it
    most certainly can be amazing.

  3. Main difference is that as of now (ep 6) anohana could very easily go off the rails and wind up completely stupid by the end, despite how good it has been so far.

    Iroha could keep going the way it has and turn out ok, but if it gets “serious” again (like 8 seems to be) it has a lot of room to improve.

    So that is the difference for me: anohana seems better so far but is one slip-up away from fallimg into a lame and maudlin mediocrity, whereas Iroha somehow seems only in danger of not getting any better as it goes.

  4. I posted this when Anohana was in episode 4 or something. Actually right now,I think Anohana is a lot better than Hanasaku Iroha. It dawned to me by episode 5 that this series is perfect. It’s well planned and I’m confident it will deliver til the end.

    I’m actually pretty pumped about HanaIro right now. Episode 8 was pretty awesome.

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