Lagann-Hen Movie EPIC POINTS

This scene still brought me to tears.

 I just watched the Lagann Movie, and gahd it brings back so much memories. It brought me back why I love this show so much. I mean, you’d think they can’t get any more epic since the series is already damn epic, but no THE MOVIE GOT MORE EPIC. It just became bigger and bigger from the Anti-Spiral being the last boss, to the whole Gurren Dan getting Gurren Laggan, Nia and Viral getting spirals, to them combining, to them even getting bigger, to Simon going in the Anti-Spiral guy, to him drilling him. . . GAHD THIS SERIES IS EPIC.

I just love this series, really. You’ll see this series in my recommended titles page and you know why it’s there? Because, I’m telling you to watch this damn thing.

PS. Lol Yoko nipples.

Rational Rating:

Plot: Epic

Production: Epic

Characters: Epic

Overall Feel: Epic

Verdict: EPICEPICEPICEPICEPIC.(My 17th most favorite series all time. How can it be not good?)


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