Ano Hana – 05 Redeeming Yuki-chan

This was both funny, sad and pitiful at the same time.

This episode is what I would call a perfect episode. Anohana finally tackled the romance aspect and every single character in the show is being fleshed out. My favorite, Yuki-chan, is pulling off a Kawashima Ami in which he completely redeems himself. Him saving Anal-chan was pretty brosome even though he called it completely stereotypical. Also his self-esteem is back but in a more COOL way and I actually loved it.

Poor Anal-chan though being swayed by her f*** friends. Those friends are just s*** and it’s what’s irritatingly good about it is that they’re realistic. There’s also Tsuruko who I deem my second favorite character. Who knew that the two jackasses that I did not like in episode 1 would turn out to be both my favorites.

Menma and Jinta are getting off to some ground too. Well not really since Jinta is stepping back AGAIN but yeah, nice developments. Poppo’s Nirvana thing got on my nerves but then again it’s not his fault he can’t see Menma crying.

So far this is my favorite episode yet and I hope they continue this string of episode. No offense, but Anohana is PERFECT right now. They have done nothing wrong at all for they’re first five episodes.


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