Uncurrency Anime – Mushishi

Art by: ~Rozenfire on deviantart

Well I finally finished this series. It took me about two months honestly. It’s hard to take it in fast since it’s an episodic series. This is also the reason why it took me so long to do this Uncurrency post.

Mushishi is about some bugs which you can’t see and each episode some expert of this bugs, Mushishi, come and fix the problem. Well this is probably the stupidest way to interpret the series, but all I can say is that it’s a masterpiece. Each episode is done with so much care, and you learn about this Mushi, slowly yet surely. We get new characters episode per episode, and the awesome part of it is that they never stand out too much yet they’re never uninteresting. I mean imagine if they keep making awesome characters, then you’ll have to say “Oh I miss this character” but if they’re uninteresting you’ll be bored. This series has an almost perfect balance with the way it handles its characters.

To the story itself, some can be very lighthearted, some inspirational, and some brutally honest. Ginko, our awesome white-haired, green-eyed main character, usually solves the problems, but when there’s nothing that can be done, it’s shown in a way that there’s something to take in from it. The great part about this series is that every episode is great. There’s never a boring episode or a lacking episode. It has some bar which can go up, but never goes down from it.

Some of my favorite episodes were the Rainbow man, the green children and the robe that embraces the mountain. Well those are what I chose but all of it are great. Surprisingly, even if it is episodic, characters in the episode gets fleshed out a lot. Why I explained that they don’t stand out too much yet they aren’t particularly uninteresting, it’s the beauty of it. It’s the beauty of the series.

Well this is a fucked up review, it went around in circles but really I recommend this one. Even though it took me months to finish this, one thing I must say is that I enjoyed the hell out of it. This is by far the best I’ve seen from the Uncurency Anime that I’ve blogged though I’ve only done three. It definitely makes it in my recommended list. Masterpieces like this need to come more often really.

Rational Rating:

Story: 48/50 (Each episode goes into detail and surprisingly no episode was boring despite being episodic. A masterpiece.)

Production: 18/20 (Very high and you can see it in intense episodes. Music is relaxing and the ED’s are something I can listen to at night lol.)

Characters: 19/20 (The episodic characters don’t stand out but they’re not uninteresting. Something you need very well in episodic series. Ginko is the only recurring character (And his collector friend I guess) and he’s one hell of an awesome main character)

Overall Feel: 9/10 (While it took me two months to finish this, it was necessary. This is something to take in slowly but you’ll be definitely satisfied when you finish it. Anime like this come out very rarely so enjoy it.)

Verdict: 94/100 (Look at my recommended list. It’s pretty high up.)


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