Ano Hana – 06

If Anohana had faces like Maya’s this show would even be more awesome.

Stuff to point out this episode:

I wanna see Yuki-chan crossdress again.

Poor anal-chan getting into trouble because of that Love Hotel thing, which Yuki-chan smoothly prevented.

Jintan managed to at least have one “Moment of Awesome” with his save on Anal-chan.

Menma’s mom is starting to look a bit whacked out. It really must be hard to have your child dead.

The follow-up with Menma crying that she wants her mom to forget her teared me up a little *sniff*.

What the hell is with “Anal-chan is a virgin” joke. You’re all virgins anyway.


2 thoughts on “Ano Hana – 06

  1. In the classroom scene pay attention to what the teacher is droning on about (he’s talking about some novel while the class is gossiping about anaru).

    gg didn’t sub all of it but they subbed enough to get the idea. It probably foreshadows something about menma’s family situation.

  2. @guest
    The awesome thing about Anohana that I’ve noticed is that it’s very detailed. I mean there’s meaning to everything. There’s Anaru who’s hairband keeps changing colors. Actually people already figured out that Yukiatsu was a crossdresser episodes before it was revealed because the scene where they saw the ghost, he had a watch.

    i didn’t see that foreshadowing though with Menma. I guess a rewatch is needed.

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