Ano Hana – 08

I’d be creeped out if this was happening. I mean wind blowing, diary falling and a letter from her. I expected someone like Anaru to shout out or something.

I feel bad for our Yuki-chan. I mean really he was about to punch Jintan already in that last bit. I mean if you were in his point of view, even if you weren’t obsessed enough to crossdress your crush, you’d still be mortified about what this crazed bitch in front of you is saying. Also the mom earlier in the episode. All your kid’s friends are having fun together without the kid. It’s like they left Menma already in her view. Though a whole episode of that would be a lot more heart wrenching.

PS. For the record this is probably one the best episode to date. There’s so much emotions being handled here and I almost let up a tear or two. Then again I think the 11-episode Noitamina curse is starting. The series is going a bit too fast. It’s showing some imperfection. This series could have been a lot more in 20+ episodes but I guess this episode will do for it.


2 thoughts on “Ano Hana – 08

    • Lol you must feel bad huh? I feel bad for Anaru too, I don’t want to see a cute girl like her get rejected like that too. Not that I think Jintan’s an ass because he’s not.

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