Hanasaku Iroha – 10

Ingredients of a good episode: Magical lights and a tear

Sick Ohana episode really reminded me of that episode in Suzumiya Haruhi where everything was all quiet and they spent 5 minutes in Nagato reading a book. Not that this episode went to extremes like that Haruhi episode but this episode was masterfully done. You can just see people in Kissuiso . . . working. It might not be the most interesting to watch but it really brings out the life of HanaIro.  There’s also Moe Sick Ohana which is fine by me and I daww’d a little that everyone cared about her especially in the last scene.

PS. Next episode seems to be Ohana Mama coming back. Gahd that mom is horrible.

PSS. I am not liking the Tohru X Ohana thing. But his scene was pretty good.


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