Onani Master Kurosawa

That picture is misleading. It’s about a guy who jacks off in the girl’s bathroom.

It’s really weird how a series that has such a screwed-up premise become a timeless tale about growing up. At first I was like “Why is everyone praising this shit, it’s about a guy who jacks off in the girl’s bathroom!!”. I didn’t get it at all. It really seemed impossible for such an almost vomiting set up turn into something people who have read it will praise.

The first few chapters are very misleading. It seemed like it was just gonna be Kurosawa imagining himself fuck his classmates. Once his pranks started though, with him becoming Kitahara’s slave and making him cum on the things of the girls Kitahara hates. Kitahara went all Higurashi and Kurosawa went along with it acting all Yagami Light. It’s a real LOL reading those lot of chapters.

Then it becomes screwed up once Kurosawa experienced “Love”. I don’t want to spoil it because it’s a very surprising twist, almost heart-wrenching in a way. He became involved in a love triangle with him in the losing side. Then he did what he should not have done which again I do not want to spoil. I actually felt really bad for Kurosawa at this point. After this string of incidents, Kurosawa confessed his wrongdoings and paid the price. He was bullied and tortured for a long while. But he managed to the something almost impossible. He changed for the better! From Light Yagami he became a kind Kyon. Kitahara on the other hand fell even further into despair. She became a shut-in. But Kurosawa again helped her change for the better.

The ending was really great. Surprisingly this series turned out to become one of my all time favorites. It started off as something I normally wouldn’t like, turned into a comedy, suddenly becoming heart wrenching, then becoming very inspiring. And all of this came from a premise of someone jacking off in a girl’s bathroom.


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