Anohana – 09

Awesome run cycle there Jintan.

Another fantastic episode, even better than the previous one. Anohana’s pulling out all the big guns with only two episodes left, and so far it has been amazing. I thought last week had a bit too much going on, I guess they fixed it this week. My only problem though is that it took them this many episodes to prove that Menma exists?? I mean she could have just held up a book or something in episode 2 then we wouldn’t have a problem. Well we wouldn’t have this series anyway if she revealed it way back in episode 2 but it’s just facepalm worthy noting.

While I do not approve of the Anaru X Yukiatsu flirting because I also like Tsuruko, that scene was very nice. Again Yuki-chan showed his bro-ness this week, and even his undying love for Menma when he begged Menma’s dad to let them have fireworks. Jintan’s being selfish because he wants Menma to stay here (he even got himself an awesome run cycle which I used as a screenshot) and I’m pretty sure that’s gonna bring some tears in the finale.

The only thing I’m worried about this series now is for it to end conclusively. I doubt it will end in Madoka Magica fashion wherein every single thing that happened made sense and there was no plot hole but I hope they can get somewhere close to that. The finale of this series will determine if it deserves to become legendary or not. AND GODDAMMNIT I WOULD HAVE ALREADY PUT THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED LIST IF IT WASN’T FOR GODDAMNED NOITAMINA ELEVEN EPISODE CURSE.



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