Denpa Onna – 09

If a war started between the city and the shopping district, Denpa Onna would be a winner in my book.

The reason I haven’t been blogging Denpa Onna for a while is because it’s kind of losing it’s interesting-ness. I do appreciate that this series is concentrated on being a Slice of Life series and it’s actually pretty sharp for being one but I feel like this series isn’t using their full potential. I got really intrigued on how the city and shopping district are rivals and how Maekawa is on the shopping district side and Ryuu[ko] on the city side. They add these interesting details which make me excited but since they concentrate on the everyday life of this series, it will probably never blossom into anything.

I still like the series though, just not as I used to. If they bring up anything about Erio’s life again, I might just blog this again. For now. . . meh.


One thought on “Denpa Onna – 09

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