Ano Hana – 10

Baby your a firework

Penultimate episodes almost always kicks up the strength of a series so they can deliver a nice satisfying ending and boy that’s what Anohana did and more. The re-enactment scene (Suggested by my bro Yuki-chan) was haunting as you can see with your own eyes that everyone was very tense. This tension carried on to the fireworks scene which is by far the best scene Anohana has given; albeit in a different way that I was hoping. This series decided to kick up the tension of the characters more by even adding Tsuruko to the list of people suffering. The fireworks scene had Anaru tensed with the revelation that Jintan will always be stuck into the past, Poppo on the edge as he waits to see if Menma goes to Nirvana, Tsuruko on the side hurting because of the way Yukiatsu’s acting, Yukiatsu going ballistic that Jintan might do something to stop the fireworks and Jintan himself who does not want Menma to go. Adding Menma’s family, that was quite a heavy scene (I was expecting more of everyone crying that Menma disappeared but. . . hahaha).

My guess of the Unlimited Tears ending is cut short because. . . Menma’s still on earth. I do hope the ending would be very satisfying.


2 thoughts on “Ano Hana – 10

  1. Menma probably has to disappear for the ending to be satisfying. I just hope Jinta takes it like a man. A few tears are fine, but if he breaks down … I don’t t know if I’m going to sympathize after all this.

  2. Well of course it’s obvious Menma’s gonna disappear and I definitely want her to move on. I don’t agree with you though that Jintan shouldn’t break down because he definitely should because I want the unlimited tears works.

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