Hanasaku Iroha – 12

Ohana is definitely cuter than this woman

Episode 12 delivers yet again; God I’m loving this slew of episodes. First of all, I’m completely disappointed that Ohana was not able to bring back Kou. Actually I’m disappointed in Kou himself, replacing Ohana for some megane-chan. I mean I didn’t see that motivation he had when he went to Kissuiso anymore. He’s moved on and I hate him for moving on. Now I have to be stuck in this Tohru angle in which I still do not like because it reeks of pedophillia (not really but ugh).

Ohana mama isn’t so bad after all but if Ohana turns ino something like her in the future, I’d kill myself. It seems that we are into some family issues the next episode; Ohana mama is sure to pick up a big storm in Kissuiso.


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