Mid – Month Impressions [JUNE]

How is this animu season doing lately?

11 (9) – Maria Holic Alive

Shaft Seguelitis is definitely showing. The series really just isn’t as good as it was before. It’s not fresh. Well it’s not bad and I do like the new characters especially Matsurika’s brother which reminds me of my friend who keeps talking about military weapons.

10 (7) – Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

I did drop blogging this even though it is still good. It still exhumes WASTED POTENTIAL and I really don’t like wasted potential. Also it can be dry sometimes; SHAFT visuals is surprisingly not helping no matter how good it looks. One good thing to say though is that Episode 8 was very DAWW-ish. I just wish moar of the ALIENS kind of craziness that I likes from the first few episodes.

9 (8) – [C]

This show is solid in its storytelling. It’s well paced, well planned and well told. The thing is, it’s not as engaging as I thought it would be. Engaging in a way that it doesn’t make me care about the characters or that the show just isn’t for me. Sometimes the money babbling can be Index bad and it leaves me trying to understand what the hell is going on, even with its solid pacing. The recent episode are getting a bit more exciting as the series comes to a close but it’s definitely fallen a bit from what I expected it to be.

8 (10) – Deadman Wonderland

Unlike C, this series is totally engaging. I cannot get enough of this from episode to episode. I just want more. It’s addictive in a way. Ever since episode 5, the series has been nothing but awesome thrillers. It keeps getting better and better. The downside of this series though is that it’s dumb. The premise, while very interesting, is not very believable. The characters themselves are dumb. This dawned to me in Episode 10 where how the hell did they not realize that the data chip wasn’t a bomb when Shiro threw it and an explosion occurred. Ganta’s pissing me off even more as he even punched Shiro. THE MAIN HERO NEVER PUNCHES GIRLS AND THAT’S A DEFINITELY BIG MINUS TO GANTA AND THE SERIES.

7 (11) – The World God Only Knows II

Recent episodes finally focused on Keima. He started finally doubting himself on the way he looks at reality. The current arc, the student teacher’s, is a nice arc but the Chihiro’s has got to be the best we’ve seen in Kami Nomi. It was solidly executed and I like how ironic it is that the boring girl gets the interesting arc. Also this arc made realize that the relationships Keima created weren’t for naught like Ayumi’s. Well it’s a relief this series got back on track on what the premise presented a season ago.

6 (6) – Yondemasuyo Azazel-san

Same old crazy Azazel, same old. You’d think there was finally continuity in this series with Moloch dying (I literally screamed PLOT SIGHTED when he died) but it turned into some joke and made me facedesk which is also what Azazel is good at.

TOP 5:

5 (4) – Ao no Exorcist

Some kind of plot finally started and the Hogwarts setting is finally starting to change. An exorcist finally pursued Rin and it resulted into nice developments and action scenes. The brother relationship is incredibly lovable; it’s nice to see that Yukio also respects Rin the way Rin does to him. Even if Yukio is technically the better brother, I like how he still admires and respects his brother. The series got derailed a bit with too many initial standalone episodes (which were still really nice though) but it’s getting back on track now.

4 (5) – Hanasaku Iroha

The series attacked with a slew of completely awesome episodes. It’s finally very consistent. No more of those standalone episodes, we got to see the whole staff of Kissuiso go crazy in a busy day which resulted into some pretty awesome scenes. The current arc right now is the part where Ohana goes back to Tokyo and the series really dealt on the different issues Ohana has, with Kou and her mom. I’m just gonna say that “Patience is a virtue” finally paid off.

3 (new) – Steins;Gate

Well I managed to marathon 11 episodes straight and goddamn this series is awesome. The characters are a big hit to me, with the way they interact with each other. Scenes where everyone just bickers is really awesome and enjoyable. One thing this series did is create a really awesome character in the form of Marise Kurisu. She’s your typical Tsundere but she’s just really awesome the way she insults Mad Scientist Hououin Kyouma (Or Okabe Rintarou; he’s an awesome character too) yet manages to lose sometimes bacause of how weird Okabe is. The idea of time travelling to me is quite a hard subject to talk about and to create, which is why I’m amazed on how this series hasn’t fallen into plot holes or anything. Also some episodes can get really creepy; in some cases I need to look a t my back to see if anyone is watching me. Am I getting as paranoid as Okabe???

2 (1) – Ano Hana

The series finally laid all it’s cards and the episodes this month is leading to an UNLIMITED TEARS end with all the main characters on the edge of their seats. Tensions were created and exploded in these episodes and now we are all left with the question “Is Menma going to disappear?” I still am on an impression that this series would have been better suited for a two-cour rather than the 11 episodes Noitamina always give. DAMN YOU NOITAMINA!

1 (3) – Nichijou

Nichijou being Nichijou- nuff’ said.


This half May; half June month has been awesome. If I were to rate all of these series now, none would go below an 80. I’m having really fun with anime this season; the consistency is crazy! Though it’s a bit sad that I don’t have any series to bash on right now. No Fractale- wait no Bakuman. . . sigh.


2 thoughts on “Mid – Month Impressions [JUNE]

  1. The only show among these that I can recommend to anybody without saying “but” is Stein’s Gate, every other anime so far has let me down in some regard. Ano Hana made Jinta into a unlikable ditz, Ao no Exorcist is a typical shonen anime, Deadman Wonderland just…sucks, Nichijou’s trying too hard to be like Lucky Star :/, Hanairo has Ohana being annoying, but yeah. There seems to be a trend of horrible main characters lately.

    • Well I agree with you on how solid Steins;Gate is but for me, this season has been full of blessings. I got my dose of drama with Hanasaku Iroha and Anohana, a very unique comedy in the form of Nichijou, and well-executed shonen like Ao no Exorcist.

      Nichijou is definitely not trying to be like Lucky Star. They’re form of comedy is totally different. nichijou goes for straight up gags while Lucky Star is more of the Slice-of-life jokes type of comedy. It is true that Nichijou’s comedy isn’t for everyone but one thing it does boast of for everyone to see is on how unique it is.

      Also, I do not think Ohana is annoying. . . at all. Far from it. I would say Menma from Anohana is annoying.

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