Anohana – 11 (END)

“We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day.”

Well the anime of the season, for me at least, has ended with quite a satisfying conclusion. Unlimited Tears was delivered (Not Clannad level but still good enough) and I’m glad the series ended peacefully. The thing that was bugging me the past few episodes was that things were getting too dramatic and the Slice-of-Life this series boasted was disappearing a bit, but I’m glad it didn’t. You know how everyone gets all sad then someone suddenly does something funny then everyone laughs? I really liked that scene where Anaru’s eyelashes fell, because at least I know they’re still human and not some crying robots.

Of course getting back to the drama, boy this episode sure delivered. Everyone let their feelings that are being bottled, out. This is the same for me, sometimes I just need to shout. There IS A LOT of shouting this episode. Who would’ve thought that Menma’s wish was to make Jintan cry? That caught me off guard because it really made a lot of sense. The hide-and-seek scene was just godly. Everything was explained properly and the series finally ended on a satisfying note. Menma was finally sent off to heaven or nirvana or reincarnation or something. The space busters finally found peace.

One thing this series did well is character development. Not character changing personalities or the way they treat other people, but the development itself. We got to know all the characters in this series in such a short period of time, and when I mean know I mean KNOW. The series made us seem that we can see through them and how they will react to certain situations. Anohana excels on this.

Well there is still one more post, the review and I’ll get back to it later. Also, I’m not as mad at Noitamina anymore.



4 thoughts on “Anohana – 11 (END)

  1. The crying kind of unnerved me. There was just too much of it. Regardless of all the tears though, it was a good ending and a great way to send off this solid show.

  2. i actually thought the amount of crying was pretty natural. given all the psychological build-up from the previous eps, imho the ending was amazingly done. my favorite show of the year, definitely. loved the dichotomy between menma’s character and her friends, loved the simplicity, loved the artwork. ❤ this series.

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